Online sales involve many different but interdependent processes: visibility, promotion, order management, payment, delivery, return management, reputation management via customer reviews, multiple language support for export … The list is long and even more complicated for small businesses because a single failing link in this chain can compromise the whole structure. A wrong delivery, an unsuitable online payment system to the target, a marketing operation wrongly calibrated …

That is why it is essential to take all these aspects into account to put in place an effective strategy over the long term. And this is precisely the objective of the “marketplaces” the “Places to be” to gain visibility and sell effectively on the Internet, they address the issue not as an aggregate of independent technological bricks but as a global service virtually linking two points: the merchant and the customer, integrating all the steps from visibility to after-sales service. Responding to the different needs of interaction between customers and the market while considering the geographical and cultural particularities of each, they bring simplicity, minimize risks, and reassure as much the final client as the e-merchant …

Convenient and reliable

To get into the battle with minimal risk and maximum efficiency and combine the technological advantages of the cloud (accessibility, rapid deployments without heavy investment in hardware and software, etc.) to a set of services, “Marketplaces” allow both to quickly offer its offer on the internet and to acquire immediate visibility while simply managing the multiple aspects of online sales.

Contrary to traditional approaches, marketing costs are “variables” since they are determined on the basis of a percentage of the turnover fixed according to the different services provided by the company.

As a result, the company is no longer constrained by investments in hardware, software and human resources. It does not waste time assembling technological bricks and know-how. It saves on expenses related to the acquisition of traffic. And, in the case of disputes with the customer, the “marketplaces” (as payment providers) can act as intermediary, greatly simplifying their resolution.

Better yet, these services are within a simple internet connection. Creation of an online store, implementation of promotional campaigns, delivery, billing, collect and valuation of customer reviews … the payment terminal can manage all its e-commerce from any device, including a smartphone!

Entrepreneurs, producers, artisans, start-ups … With the “marketplaces”, the whole world becomes your area of customer base. Reliable and efficient, they have already attracted many companies and are undeniably the ideal solution for your company. This is reflected in the growing number of Internet users shopping and the volume of sales made by e-merchants.

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