The growing significance of e-commerce in global commerce requires online payment methods that allow customers to manage multiple currencies or their preferred payment methods. That’s why choosing the right payment gateway is one of the most important things to consider for companies when they create an online store.

Basically, the role of payment gateways is to validate a customer’s credit card (or other source), make sure that there is enough funds available for the purchase and eventually manage the transfer. Payment gateways are the online equivalent of a card terminal in a physical store, although they often accept more than cards. Often, online payment gateways also offer a more comprehensive service, which includes a dedicated merchant account. They can prevent a potential merchant from worrying about dealing with banks, and therefore generally speed up the opening of an online store. Most payment service providers also help with an integration of the payment gateway. Online payment gateways have transparent, well-documented APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that support the integration of solutions in their customers’ shops. In other words, a payment gateway is essential for companies that want to give their customers the most convenient method of payment for the products and services they offer. In addition, payment gateways provide faster access to money compared to traditional bank transfers or cash on delivery.

Any start-up seeking to accept online payments must find a reliable solution to deal with credit card transactions. While many startups are trying to minimize costs by choosing the least expensive process gateways and payment gateways, it is not always the best strategy to adopt.

Indeed, these subjects are of crucial for the success of the small companies and must be treated accordingly. If you are a start-up company, you may still be unaware that your options are very limited. Generally, the solutions offered to start-ups are extremely specialized and reductive. Yet, you may need to accept different currencies and manage payments from different geographic areas. You may want to offer greater flexibility in terms of payment for your customers. You may also need specific solutions that are not yet available on the payment platform you depend on. Market solutions may not always match your needs.


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